Coffee Tea vending machine

Coffee Tea vending machine

Model ULTIMATE 4002
Selection 2 Option
Dimension (W X H D) mm 460 x 650 x 560
Canister Capacity 1 Kg
Boiler Tank Capacity 3 LTR
Weight of Machine 38 Kg
Power Supply 2 KW /230 V / AC
Power Consumption 0.6 Units / Peak output hrs.

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee or tea? Look no further than the Ultimate Flavours vending machine! This clever little machine brews up fresh, hot beverages in just seconds, and with over 50 different flavours to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Ultimate Flavours machines are simple to use and come with step-by-step instructions, so even first-time users will be able to get their perfect cup with ease. And for those on the go, our handy travel mugs are the perfect way to enjoy your beverage on the go.

So why wait? Try the Ultimate Flavours vending machine today!

Features :

  • Compact Size
  • Alpha Numerical Settings
  • Taste Consistency
  • 100% Temper proof counting of cups dispensed
  • High Dispensing Rate (7 Cups / minute)
  • Hot water for Black Coffee or Tea
  • Detachable tray with the facility of drainage pipe
  • Effective Exhaust System for removing steam & humidity
  • Dual Heating for Higher Dispensing (Optional)