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Tea Coffee Vending Machine Supplier

Ultimate Flavours is one of the best tea coffee vending machine dealers that provides cost-effective tea coffee vending machines of good quality. Our vending machines are tailored with the latest technology programs that make it easy to use with just one click. With the latest features in our vending machine, we provide four options to our customers where they can make tea, coffee, soup & nimbu pani as per their requirements. Our vending machines and premixes are highly demanded in BPO, hotels,  restaurants,  cafes, airports, shopping malls, etc.

As the tea coffee vending machine supplier, we understand the value of our customer time. By keeping this thing in mind, we provide same-day vending machine delivery on our customer’s addresses. Our tea coffee vending machine dealers will come to your place to install this machine and they will guide you for the proper use of it. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to fix the tea, coffee, soup & nimbu pani premixtures as per the instructions.

Our technicians always take care of customer feedback on product taste and the features of our machine are set as per customer’s requirement. For instance, If customers want low sugar then our technicians set the machine features as per that. Moreover, They guide customers to refill the premixer when it gets finished. In any case, customers have some confusion about premix installation in machines they can give us a call. Our technicians will be at your doorstep with help.

Tea Coffee Premix Powders

As the tea coffee vending machine supplier, we have a plethora of premix options that our customers can select as per their requirements. Real taste and pure ingredients are the key value of our tea coffee premixes.

Moreover, our tea premix is good for health. For instance, masala chai and low sugar tea is the best premix for the fitness and immunity boost up. You can call our tea coffee premix supplier about the all available flavours, they will assist you accordingly.


As the tea coffee vending machine dealers in Tea Premix, we have

  • Elaichi Milk Tea Premix
  • Cardamom Tea Premix
  • Garam Garam Chai Premix
  • Instant Masala Chai Premix
  • Low Sugar Cardamom Tea Premix
  • Without Sugar Cardamom Tea Premix

Our coffee premix is made with the slow roasted beans to get a signature aroma and taste.

These premixes give you the benefits of a quick, consistent and hygienic cup of hot coffee instantly on just one click. In coffee premix, we have special addition of low sugar or without sugar coffee for the people who avoid sugar. Feel free to contact our tea coffee premix supplier for any query related to flavours and products.

As the tea coffee vending machine supplier in Coffee Premix, we have

  • Cappuccino Coffee
  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Premium Coffee Premix
  • Regular Coffee
  • Low Sugar Coffee Premix
  • Without Sugar Coffee Premix

Soup Premix Powders

Our soup premixes are made using optimum quality raw material such as dry tomato pulp and finest ingredients. These are well balanced soups with the right quantity of sour & refreshing flavours. Especially in winters, you can get hot & tasty soup instantly with just one click. There is no need to chop vegetables, or to wait for a long time to get that traditional taste. Moreover, you can call our soup premix supplier for any query related to products.


As the best soup premix supplier,in Soup Premix, we have

  • Tomato Soup
  • Sweet Corn Soup

Nimbu Pani Premix Powder

Our nimbu pani premix is refreshing in taste without any hussle of squeezing lemons & adding other ingredients. To give the real taste of lemon, we use the pulp of lemon in dry form then blend it into powder form. Our nimbu pani premix has lemon powder, black salt, sugar and other ingredients. Our nimbu pani is highly in demand during summer due to the premium quality, taste and affordable rates.

Moreover, You can use this premix at home also. For this, you just need to add this mixture to the glass of cold water.That is, a healthy,refreshing and tasty drink will be prepared instantly.

Why Choose Us As Tea Coffee Vending Machine Dealers?

Ultimate Flavours is the among leading brands of tea coffee vending machines dealers with years of presence in this domain. Our tea,coffee,soup and nimbu pani vending machines are ideal for small and big scale businesses. For instance, It could be a good income source for the small store, stall and shop where it can be a helping hand in terms of tasty beverage dispensing machines.  Moreover, our vending machines are manufactured with the latest technologies that make them easier in use.  Easy to install and access anywhere at affordable prices.

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